Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ok, time for a new post on the importance of grades...

Andy mentioned that when it comes time for a referral to grad school, a professor will remember a students ambition and willingness to work more than s/he will remember the grades actually earned. I cannot deny this is true. But your grade point average is also a marker of your ability to handle the assignments and your understanding of the subject matter, so to say an F doesn't matter as long as you are learning the material is not entirely accurate to my way of thinking. Anyway, I am going to do my very best to keep my grades as high as possible and come away with a solid understanding of the material, that's my goal.

On a more depressing note, I just realized that if I continue taking 1 class at a time, it will take me another 5 years to get my BA. There are only 2 semesters per year at UIS not counting summer, which I can't always do. 5 years. Five. Funf. Cinco. Cinq. FIVE MORE YEARS!! I've already been doing this since 2006 at UIS, and then at my community college before that. Years and years and I still have 5 more to go. I just don't know if I can keep this up for that long. I feel like I need to find a program that has shorter semesters, accelerated classes or something. Working full time and raising kids while going to school, well, I never expected it to be easy, but for goodness sakes, I'm starting to wonder if it's even worth the stress. My kids and husband get irritated with me because I'm always doing homework. My Friday and Saturday nights are spent glued to the computer working, this after being glued to a computer working at work 5 days a week. There has got to be a faster way. I'm not saying I want to quit, because I don't, but my enthusiasm is most definitely on the wane. Ironically, if I could go full time I'd be done in 3 semesters. Just one year. Uno. Un. Eins. I think I need some help here.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week 8

Well, I got my marks up to week 8, and I'm not happy. I got a C on my paper. I have never gotten anything less than an A on anything! And I got a B- for class participation, not because I'm not posting, because I am, lots. It's because my posts "lack depth". Are you freaking kidding me!?!? I hate this class. I wish I had signed up for any other class but this one. Sorry Professor R., but I'm not recommending you!

More than anything, I am feeling bad about myself because I'm not doing well! I'm disappointed in myself. I am not used to this. I am really trying here and yet, nada. Zilch, zippo, zip. Well, C's and B-'s. Which is not nothing, but is also not A's.

Half way through this class, however, is better than just starting. I have another 8 weeks to go, and then I can sign up for something nice and fun. Like, well, something else. I want to take that Beatles class, but it has not been available to me for the 2.5 years now since I've been enrolled, so I am not holding my breath. It must be only for the special people who know how to get into the special classes only for special people.

Well, I am going to go read Twilight again. Against my better instincts, I really like this series - the movie comes out next month, so I have that to look forward to, which is nice! Go vampires!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's a bright...bright sunshiney day!!

What a lovely day! It's beautiful outside! I was hoping for some cooler weather but this actually worked out great. I took my daughter to the pumpkin farm this morning, we took a hayride and she got her face painted and got to jump in bouncy castles!! Oh, and we got some pumpkins. The straw maze was excellent, lots of tight squeezes and dead ends, she must have gone through about 10 times! Then we went home, and we painted the little pie pumpkins we bought. We're saving the big ones to carve closer to Halloween. Then my husband and I washed our cars, he fixed the vaccum cleaner and now we're getting ready to go to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. Just the two of us! Our oldest kid is at work, (how I love saying that!) and our 14 year old is babysitting our 8 year old. What a beautiful, beautiful day! I don't even care that I didn't get the promotion at work I was hoping for, I still like my job and I will try again next time, no biggie!

I love October!!! Hope everyone out there in blog land is doing well and enjoying the fine day we're having!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Well, I just finished writing and posting the first of 3 papers for my class. I had to redo the whole thing once because after I thought I had finished it I realised it was all wrong and had to start over from scratch! Ugh.

Do you know how hard it is to try to help your 2nd grader with her homework while at the same time doing your own? It is very hard. Practicing vocabulary words while responding to comments on the discussion board makes for some very interesting sentence structure, let me tell ya'!

I can feel the burn out beginning. I know I can't skip the next semester, it will just put me that much farther from my goal, but this class is about doing me in. I have got to take something other than an English Lit course next time or I will run screaming out the door! I am glad I'm an LIS major and not an English major! I get to sample some of everything - like an appetizer platter. Yeah, that's it. I am going to go do something relaxing now. Like comb my cat.