Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sharing something from class..

I just want to share something from my current class that I think is very cool. One of the assignments for this week is to select three objects that most define me, here is the question and my answer...

Why do these objects represent you or your interests? Give some thought to the following question: "If I had to describe who I am to someone I am meeting for the first time, what three objects would I show them to demonstrate to them who I am?"

My library card - I am an avid reader, I read every day, usually 3 or more books a week. Anyone who knows me would describe me as always having my nose stuck in a book.

A picture of my kids - I have been a mother for my entire adult life (since I was 21) and I don't have any idea who I'd be if I wasn't a mother. Having children gave my life direction and meaning and I try each day to inspire them to be able to find their own direction themselves.

My favorite dragon figurine - I believe in adventures and in using the imagination to believe in impossible things. I love the idea that there is more to each of us than the eye can see, and that the world is an amazing and wonderful place to live in. To me, the dragon represents the idea that no one is ever too old to dream or to take a spontaneous road trip or to change the path they're on.

I'd love to hear what those of you out there in blog land would say to this question - any takers?